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Foods to Avoid if Dealing with Pain – Sugar

Video Transcript:

Sugar is all around us, but it’s also one of the causes of so many different ailments. Diabetes, inflammation, weight gain- all of those lead to even more complications. So if you’re in pain, this is really one to watch. And what’s wrong with these kinds of processed sugars? They are so processed that you get no nutrients out of them whatsoever. I call them “simple sugars” or “simple carbohydrates” because they’re quick energy that then later wreak complete havoc on your system.

So, here’s my healthy alternative. Use some natural sugars instead. Here, for example, is date sugar. Did you know that they can take dates, dehydrate them, and produce a crystal form of them. You can use them in your baked goods like you would sugar. Here, they’re done the same with honey. You can get this in crystallized form or in raw honey form liquid. Agave nectar is a great one. It comes from a cactus and in its purest form it is low glycemic index. It also has a really rich flavor almost like maple syrup. Here on the end I have a really good one if you’re really trying to watch your sugar intake, and that’s coconut sugar. It’s low glycemic index, it’s got a caramelly taste to it, so it will make your baked goods taste special, distinct actually, and so delicious.


If you really need to cut out the sugar, Stevia is an amazing alternative. I grow it in my garden and dry it, but you can get it at any supermarket nowadays. It’s calorie-free so you don’t have to worry at all. Here’s something interesting about sugar: the more you eat it, the more you crave it. There have been so many studies now that indicate this direct correlation. That’s why the best thing you can do for yourself is start cutting back a little bit at a time, and these natural alternatives will help you do that. If you’re trying to cut back on sugar, consider some of these natural alternatives. Not only are they delicious, have some nutrients so they’re better on your waistline and your body, but your guests will thank you for introducing them to something so unique and delicious.