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Other Foods to Avoid, Cheese

Video Transcript:

Cheese! We all love cheese, and at a cocktail party, I know I head straight to that platter. But, if you’re in pain, hold on just a minute, because cheese is one of those really inflammatory foods. Let’s start off with this kind of cheese. This is what you find at your local supermarket. This is cow cheese, but what’s wrong with it? It’s how the cows are fed today. They’re given hormones, antibiotics, and fed corn that has been manipulated. The product of that milk is something that’s not very nutrient-dense of natural. In addition to that, when you have these cheeses, they’ve all been heat-treated, multiple times, and in addition, stabilizers and additives have been added to them to give you this color and this consistency. The product is something that’s high in saturated fat and sodium, and not very nutrient-dense. It means it’s hard for you to digest, and that means, inflammation. But here’s my solution: you don’t have to eliminate cheese from your diet.

I’ve got some wonderful alternatives if you’re trying to stay healthy this holiday season. Try some beautiful artisan or raw cheeses. In particular, go for the goat and the sheep. The reason for that is that goat and sheep are pasture-fed so the milk is the way it’s meant to be, more nutrient-dense. In addition, try to pick cheeses that are raw. The reason for that is that you get a lot of live enzymes in cheeses where the milk has been preserved in its raw state. These enzymes will help you break down the dairy in your digestive tract, which means less inflammation. Also, goat and sheep milk tends to have closer DNA to humans than cow, so your body is able to recognize the nutrients in here much better. And look at the variety. You’re not missing out on anything. Nowadays there are artisanal cheeses in every form, shape, and color; you have soft, you have hard, you have aged, you have blue. You’re not missing out on anything, other than a little irritation.