Can Supplements Help If I Want to Get Back in Shape? 2016-10-18T01:25:14+00:00

Can Supplements Help If I Want to Get Back in Shape?

Video Transcript:
We all have aches and pains from daily life, and most of us think we just have to live with them. In addition, we all, at some point, want to get into better shape, start to have a workout routine or want to step up the workouts we’re doing. But very often, one of the limitations is, we have old injuries that act up, or new areas where we develop aches and pains or strains. At IllumiNutri, we’ve developed our Weight Optimization and Injury Support Formula. This contains all the essential vitamins and minerals you need each day, as well as potent anti-oxidants, a B-vitamin complex, our Ayurvedic Formula which provides potent botanical anti-oxidants and other ingredients to help with inflammation and pain, as well as our Joint and Disc Support Formula to help with collagen damage and growth.

This is an ideal formulation to take on a daily basis if you’re suffering from aches and pains of daily life, if you’re getting more aches and pains, if you’re working out and have some injuries that seem to flare up now and then, if you’re trying to step up your workouts, or if you just have aches and pains from daily life from such activities as working at a computer or driving in the car. We all seem to put up with back pain and neck pain because we learn to live with it. It’s not necessary to live with that pain all the time. This formula is designed to help you optimize the results you get from a good lifestyle, from adequate nutrition and a good exercise program. Sometimes you hit a wall: you’re eating well, you’re exercising as much as your schedule allows, and you’re not getting satisfactory results. Very often, adequate supplementation can provide your body the building blocks as well as some metabolic enhancement to help you achieve your optimal goals.