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What is Pain?

Doctor Barkow explains what pain is and what things you can do to ensure your body can fight it.

Super Foods: Butternut Squash and Kale

Pamina discusses Kale and Butternut Squash: two Super Foods that are high in nutritional value.

What is IllumiNutri?

Dr. Stephen Barkow discusses the IllumiNutri line of supplements.

Foods to Avoid: Cheese

Pamina talks about foods to stay away from if you’d like to reduce inflammation.

Omega Three Fish Oils

Dr Barkow talks about the differences between high and low quality fish oil supplements.

Ask The Nutritionist 1

Pamina Answers Some Questions about Nutrition.

Foods to Avoid: Salt

Pamina reviews reasons to avoid salt.

How Nutrition Affects Pain

Dr. Barkow shares how proper nutrition and supplementation can help you balance your body and fight pain.

How to Evaluate Nutritional Supplements

Doctor Barkow explains how to distinguish good supplements from lesser quality supplements.

Foods to Avoid: Sugar

Nutrition Expert, Pamina Barkow, discusses some healthy alternatives to sugar.

Eating a Healthy Diet. Is that Enough?

Dr. Stephen Barkow explains why high quality supplements are needed in addition to a healthy diet.

Supplements for Getting Back in Shape

Why supplements can help support your workouts and help with daily aches and pains.

Ask The Doctor 1

Dr Barkow Answers Some Questions about Supplements.