Video Transcript:
For my patients in chronic pain, an omega three supplement is always part of the regimen. The IllumiNutri Optimized Omega Formula is a highly purified omega three product that is bio-available and readily absorbed. Optimized Omega Formula is one of the highest quality fish oils on the market. In nature, fish oils are found in the triglyceride form. In order to process fish oils, they’re converted to the ethyl/ ester form. The ethyl ester form is what is in most of the inexpensive fish oil products that you see on the shelves, but this is not the way that fish oils occur in nature. The high-quality fish oil supplements convert back the ethyl ester form to triglyceride form. What it means is your body can use this fish oil, unlike the ethyl ester, which is a sub-optimal form for absorption. Our fish oil formula is virtually 100% in the triglyceride form, the same form found in nature. That means its more bio available and more readily absorbed. In addition, our purified omega three product is less susceptible to oxidative stress, which means that it’s less likely to spoil and you’re less likely to end up with a rancid fish oil capsule.