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Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes

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Product Description

(Contains 60 vegetarian capsules)

Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes

Current research shows that inflammation is often associated as the root of many serious disorders. By controlling the inflammatory processes in multiple metabolic pathways with proteolytic enzymes, Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes is designed to target inflammation issues, including aiding in the post-operative and injury healing process. Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes’ ingredients target many of the metabolic pathways of the inflammatory response system.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Thromobitic Benefits:

  • Significant inhibition of the COX-2 (cyclooxygenase) enzyme, which produces prostaglandins PG-E2 (inflammatory) and thromboxanes TX-A2 (a vasoconstrictive that also increases platelet aggregation). The COX-2 inhibition is achieved by turmeric, ginger, quercitin and resveratrol. They also support additional inhibition of the expression of the COX-2 enzyme by antioxidant effects on NF-Kappa B, which is one of the regulators of the cytokine (inflammatory) response through the reduction of oxidative stress, which can be one of the causes of inflammation
  • Provides a mild anti-thrombotic (blood thinning) effect which could result in cardiovascular risk protection similar to aspirin but without aspirin's GI-irritating qualities. The blood thinning effect is due to:
  • Mild COX-1 inhibition by ginger
  • Mild anti-coagulating activity of turmeric and quercetin
  • Fibrinolytic effects of the proteolytic enzymes, especially the Serrazymes®

Additional Benefits:

  • Turmeric and ginger have been shown to block Phospholipase A2, and Quercetin to blockTNF-alpha, which is similar to what corticosteroids do, but without their side effects.
  • Rutin is known to reduce glycation.
  • Serrazymes® improve the efficacy of antibiotic treatment as well as relieving sinus congestion through mucolytic effects.

Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes Advantages:

  • Synergistic Formula
  • Inhibits Inflammatory Processes in Multiple Metabolic Pathways
  • Good Safety Record and Extensive Research on all Ingredients

Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes may be taken on either an empty stomach or with food, with slightly different effects:
Taken on an empty stomach, the proteolytic enzymes are absorbed partially into the circulatory system and clear out immune complexes accumulated in joints, airways, intestinal tract, and tissues that have begun the inflammatory process. Once absorbed, they have a fibrinolytic effect which reduces blood clot formation.

Taken with food, the proteolytic enzymes aid in protein digestion, possibly reducing certain protein’s allergenic potential. This may prevent an inflammatory response resulting from undigested peptides such as gluten, casein, egg or soy, while also reducing the total body inflammatory load. The array of proteolytic enzymes contained in Inflamma-Soothe Formula 2: Enzymes were specifically chosen to have superior activity over a very wide range of stomach and intestinal pH environments.

Featured Ingredients: Turmeric, ginger, quercitin and resveratrol, rutin, rosemary, Serrazymes®, Boswellin® extract

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